As a Team with 100+ projects under our belt, we know what it takes  to create awesome eLearning.

Today delivery of training solutions happens across multiple platforms and devices. To be able to reach the learners, it is important to be able to engage them on the platform of their choice. Hence a strong technology foundation is essential to good eLearning products.

Our team has a collective experience of 7+ years in delivering eLearning solutions. eBooks, games, simulations or bespoke learning solutions – we have done it all – even delivered for mobile platforms!

bitkraft specializes in enabling technology for learning solutions.

Flash based frameworks

Even with the rise in mobile delivery Flash still is and will remain for some time the most flexible and fastest platform for creating eLearning. It still remains the most widely used platform for eLearning development.

Our team specializes is Flash based solutions — we build state of the art Flash based frameworks that can be used to deliver basic to most complex eLearning projects.

HTML5/Mobile eLearning frameworks

Having a platform for HTML5 and Mobile based delivery is essential for eLearning solutions today. We can help you build a scalable, flexible delivery platform, which enables you to deliver eLearning content on multiple platforms and devices.

Serious games development

The bitkraft team has immense experience at gamification in areas such as induction training, software process training, team building & performance management, banking, finance, investment concepts and so on.

From point-and-click games to isometric maps – we can help you do it all.

Getting your content onto an LMS or SCORM compliant can drive eLearning developers (and project managers!) crazy.

It is very frustrating at the end of the project to wrestle with content deployment on the client LMS. Moreover, migration of non-SCORM content to an LMS can be a nightmare for legacy training products. On the other hand, sometimes there is no LMS or SCORM – which makes things a little tougher to handle – doesn’t it?

Worry no more – we have been there and done that – and we are sure we can drive away any deployment related monsters that may be menacing your gold sign-off.

Our team takes pride in having over 7+ years of experience across 100+ eLearning projects. We know what goes into creating those hours of learning (level 1, 2 or 3?)

Developing great solutions involves…

Gathering all (the right) requirements – asking the right questions early on
Analyzing the risks and pitfalls
Designing a solution that works best for the client and their learners
Developing the idea into an end product effectively and quickly
Identifying the right (authoring) tools and helping the team get on board
Setting up processes that ensure highest standards of quality
Delivering the final product seamlessly on the platform of the client’s choice

Getting all these steps right is tough – but with experience on our side we ensure You do so – Always!

Maximized Performance
Technology enabled Learning…