Building great software is an Art.
We call it Technokrafting!
We pride ourselves in delivering Software solutions with highest degree of Workmanship!

We understand that every client has different needs and service requirements. This is why we are ready to work with different models of engagement.

Business and Enterprise

Software solution design is what we are best at. If you have a problem, we can help you come to a solution that is designed for You; and works for You. We put our expertise in cutting edge web and mobile technologies to work, and get your business ahead in this technology driven world.

B2B Consulting

With so many technology options, getting the right solution to your clients is challenging. More so, always having the technical expertise to provide the solution that would work best for your clients may not be possible.

That is where bitkraft comes in – if you have a solution design problem in the web and mobile space we can help you and your team achieve results that work – without the pains that come with the learning curve of a new technology.

We believe it is an art to architect and write software that is robust and scalable. Our team’s strong academic and practical experience in software design helps you do just that.  We take pride in putting in great workmanship into creating software – and ensure your clients get the same from You.

We love problem solving – if you have a business problem we can work with you to get a technology-enabled solution. Whether it is

websites and online presence
custom billing and CRM
business process automation tools
mobile apps – iOS, Android, Windows and anything else that comes up!
cloud computing solutions
eLearning development and Deployment (SCORM, TinCan, LMS and so on)

Or any other custom business need – the possibilities are endless. We love to challenge ourselves to get you the right solution that works for You.

bitkraft is multilingual!

With tons of platforms and languages out there we understand there is no single one for every business need. We do have some favourites but we are not fussy!

Good software designers and developers are platform-independent. A new technology may take some time to get used to – but we are ready to adapt, learn and be the best at what we do!

Experience Technokrafting
The Art of Software Creation!